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Corfe Castle

The northern edge of the Isle of Purbeck is demarked by a high chalk ridge that runs from one point on the coast at Flowers Barrow in the west, across to a second point on the coast at Ballard Down in the east. Approximately midway along this ridge – at Corfe Castle – is the one natural breach where two gaps cut by rivers left a mound that was to become the perfect location for a castle.

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The castle remains that can be seen today date mostly from the 11th–13th century. The castle was deliberately slighted in 1646, when its royalist occupants lost out to the parliamentarian attackers. To the south of the castle lies Corfe Castle village (seen here in late March) which derived much of its prosperity from the stone trade – Purbeck stone and marble hewn from the many quarries to the south.


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In the top row of pictures:

  • Approaching Corfe Castle from the south-west, the castle lit by the soft afternoon sun (picture)
  • View from West Hill (SY 957 824) eastwards across to the castle (picture)
  • The castle ruins (picture)
  • Corfe Castle village (picture)
  • West St., showing building construction typical for this area – Purbeck stone throughout (picture)

In the bottom row of pictures:

  • West St. (picture)
  • The Town Hall, built shortly before 1774, reputedly the smallest in the country (picture)
  • Village stores on East St. (picture)
  • Memorial in the Market place with castle entrance behind (picture)
  • Market place and main thoroughfare (picture)

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